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Alter Ego #94 Online
Now featuring a 16-page FULL-COLOR section each issue! Continued from last issue, ALTER EGO #94 (84 pages, $7.95) presents “The Earth-Two Companion, Part II!” with more on the classic 1963-1985 series that changed comics forever! The Huntress—Power Girl—Dr. Fate—Freedom Fighters—and more, with art by NEAL ADAMS, JIM APARO, DICK AYERS, RICH BUCKLER, KEITH GIFFEN, CARMINE INFANTINO, GIL KANE, IRV NOVICK, KURT SCHAFFENBERGER, WALTER SIMONSON, JOE STATON, CURT SWAN, GEORGE TUSKA, et al.! Plus—part two of our incredible GEORGE KASHDAN interview—FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section with C.C. BECK and MARC SWAYZE, spotlighting Nyoka the Jungle Girl—MICHAEL T. GILBERT and MR. MONSTER’s COMIC CRYPT, and more! Cover by JOE STATON and DICK GIORDANO! Edited by Roy Thomas.
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