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Home > Split Lip TP Vol. 03 Termites In Your Smile and Other Stories (Mature)

Split Lip TP Vol. 03 Termites In Your Smile and Other Stories (Mature)
Even in the light, the world can be a dark place. And you’ll go to dark places indeed in these 8 stories of the unusual, the fearsome, and the bizarre.

A man wakes up to find his doppelganger smiling at him. A lothario faces a grisly vengeance from the mysterious women he’s wronged. Does the line between insanity and the supernatural matter if it costs you a friend? A photographer sees something he shouldn’t have through his camera. A child disappears from his home—but is the man who returns claiming to be him telling the truth?

These stories, and others, will be your tour guides through the dark corners of the world as chronicled in the pages of Split Lip: Termites In Your Smile and Other Stories. This volume demonstrates why The Horror Blog called Split Lip “the predominant original horror comic work on the Internet.”


• 8 stories
• Commentary and script excerpts for every story
• Script and pencil breakdown process studies for Beyond the Campfire Light
• Douglas Draper Jr.'s Termites In Your Smile character designs


“The only (webcomic) to ever give me the chills was Split Lip.”
- El Santo, The Webcomic Overlook

“I’m enjoying it, if one could be said to ‘enjoy’ stories that deliberately induce discomfort. Let’s just say they are very effective.”
MDC Price: $2.99
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