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Risher #01
What happens when you can’t die? If you’re Demetrius Risher, you grow disgusted with watching mankind take their existence for granted and decide to remind them how precious life is-by horrifying them with series after series of murders. Jack the Ripper, The Axeman of New Orleans, The Cleveland Torso Killer, The Zodiac, and multiple other unsolved serial murder cases have actually been the work of the same man-Risher.

His brutal deeds do not go unchallenged. Anton Karvos, the husband of one of Risher’s victims, aims to stop the murderer, even if it costs him his own life. In fact, it already has-on several occasions. Lucky for him, he has someone looking out for him.

Of course, all this preternatural activity is bound to draw the attention of at least a couple humans, specifically that of detectives Royce Burnside and Aysha Taylor. What begins for them as an investigation into a serial killer case slowly draws them into Risher’s world. And that world is one full of interesting characters such as Wastelocks, Reapers, secret ancient religious cults, forgotten gods, and more.

From the first page of this story to very last, the reader will be drawn into a world full of unique characters, thought provoking ideology, and unpredictable twists. Early reviews compare it to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Johnen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Risher is brought to you by creator/writer P.H. Dillard and Hungarian artist Tamas Szalkai.

Issue #1 features a special guest letter from none other than the Son of Sam himself David Berkowitz! Only available here.
MDC Price: $1.49
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