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Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde #01
Legendary characters Dracula, Robin Hood, and Jekyll & Hyde collide in this all-new monthly three-issue comic book series!

When vampires attack an unassuming scientist, they quickly discover that they’ve bitten off far more than even they can chew. Dracula has to intervene, and while it appears that he has a tempting time-travelling deal for Jekyll, the vampire lord soon finds himself in much deeper than he planned. Meanwhile, his adversary has problems of his own when he comes face to face with a legendary outlaw!

“Not only is this mayhem with characters of mythical proportions, but I hope I’ve also succeeded in giving it some depth,” British writer Chris Bunting tells us. “It’s really about identity. Who we are and what makes us that way – even if we’re an undead, an outlaw, or a behemoth.”

“Nothing is quite what it seems in this series, so expect twists and turns – including surprise guest-stars!”

Editor Stuart Buckley adds: "It feels right for a British writer to bring these British-born legends together through a British publisher. Chris Bunting has written a superb saga with something for the fans of each co-star. The characters' quintessential 'Britishness' won't be lost in translation as it so often has been.”

Join us online at www.mohawkmedia.co.uk & www.facebook.com/Dracula & www.facebook.com/MohawkMedia

DRACULA VS. ROBIN HOOD VS. JEKYLL & HYDE is expected to usher in a “versus” range of titles from the publisher.
MDC Price: $1.99
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Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde is trademark and copyright Mohawk Media and Christopher Bunting.
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