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Black Salt: The Origin #1
Black Salt is an action-packed thriller merging the dark world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the even darker world of the ancient, forbidden martial arts of the Shaolin Temple.

Samuel Tharpe is the top counter terrorism agent in the world. For years, he has hunted down and foiled the twisted plans of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations, crime lords, warmongers and anarchists.

Ratti Entertainment Inc. has just completed the development phase for the Black Salt feature film and pre-production right around the corner, the list of products for the highly anticipated franchise includes; the Apparel line, Comic books, Trading cards, Toys, Animated Series and Video games.

Ratti Entertainment Inc. would like to know who you would cast to star in the Black Salt feature film. Once you read the issues please email us: oratliff7306@wowway.com and tell us what stars you would like to cast in these roles: Samuel Tharpe, Hung Li, Kali Zhang and Master YU BAI SHEK.
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Black Salt is copyright Ratti Entertainment Inc.
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