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Home > Split Lip TP Vol. 01 Not Sleeping Well and Other Stories (Mature)

Split Lip TP Vol. 01 Not Sleeping Well and Other Stories (Mature)
Mysterious old men who peer into the second-floor windows of sleeping children. Corn fields? swollen with otherworldly crops. Subterranean colleges where unusual students learn a fearsome craft. ?A pair of bank robbers stowed away on a haunted train.

You’ll find these stories, and other chilling tales, in Split Lip Volume 1.

Split Lip is intellectual horror with strong doses of shock, violence, and unsettling ideas. You won’t find vampires or zombies here, just disturbing new takes on horror. Split Lip sheds traditional horror archetypes in favor of creating dark moods, original characters, and frightening experiences.? These stories will leave you disturbed long after you close the book.

Discover for yourself why The Horror Blog called Split Lip “the predominant original horror comic work on the Internet.”

• 11 stories
• The rare, hard to find alternative version of Fish Drink
• Script excerpts from The Tree of Remembrance


“Sam Costello and Brian Laframboise deliver a small little gunshot of a story with ‘The Executioner is a Lonely Man.’ With a deft touch, the two deliver a neat little magic trick of a tale that puts you in mind of good Twilight Zone, Jim Thompson noir, and that good ol’ O. Henry sting ... make time for this one.”
-?Larry Young, AIT/Planet Lar

“(Costello and Evergreen) unite for a starkly gruesome final panel that adds a welcome sour note to the sad sweetness of the proceedings ... It takes a lot for a collaboration of this sort to work so effectively.”
- Sean T. Collins
MDC Price: $2.99
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