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Kirby Collector #54 Online
Continuing from last issue, it’s PART TWO of “?THE?MAGIC?OF?LEE?&?KIRBY”, featuring more on the co-creators of the Marvel Universe! Inside, there’s a new interview (and front cover Kirby recreation) by Bullpenner George Tuska, as he reflects on his days at Marvel in the 1960s, including working over Jack’s layouts on classic stories! There’s a look at the differences between Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko’s approaches (showing copious examples of both men’s work), and Will Murray gives an in-depth examination of the creation of the Fantastic Four. Also, we uncover the mystery of Marvel cover dates, plus Mark Evanier presents his regular column about Kirby. There’s a gorgeous Kirby pencil art gallery, a complete Golden?Age Kirby story, and more, plus a color Kirby back cover inked by JOE SINNOTT! Edited by John Morrow.
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Copyright Two Morrows Publishing
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