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Final Sanctuary Gaulon #01
Set in the year 2415, Humanity is recovering from a meteorite collision that occurred over two centuries ago. Outside of six shield protected nation sized cities, lie The Infected. Savage yet silent, these former humans have been mutated by a virus. Carnivorous in nature and possessing heightened senses and strength, they are the stuff of nightmares. Within the final sanctuary, Gaulon, one corporation has established a covert team of four operatives. Equipped with suits of organic armour known as Biosuits, they operate in secret. The individuals may die but their namesakes live on. They are humanity’s last hope for survival, they are The Immortals.

When two of The Immortals are taken by the Infected, Claire Xin steals her husband's backup biosuit and bonds with it. Pursued by the mysterious RavenCroft Humane Trust and the authorities, Claire may be in over her head, meanwhile Graeves the mysterious head of operations at RavenCroft has his own hidden agenda.

Combining witty humour with sci-fi action and horror. Final Sanctuary Gaulon issue #01 delivers an explosive debut issue. Don't miss it!
MDC Price: $1.99
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Final Sanctuary Gaulon is copyright Justin Pearson-Smith & Nghi Huynh.
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