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Arthur: The Legend Continues #1
Arthur: The Legend Continues – Issue 1 – “Dawn”

With the world as we know it gone, mankind is on the verge of extinction yet still struggling to find purpose and hope.

From the ancient past a glimmer of light shines and a legend returns to claim his throne. Facing challenges never imagined in his time, King Arthur shall rise again and bring the mighty Excalibur to the throats of all who wish to do harm to his people.

"Arthur: The Legend Continues" brings the legend of King Arthur to a post-apocalyptic future. Issue 1 takes the legendary king from his "death" on an ancient battlefield to a village on the brink of destruction hundreds of years in our future.

An exciting black and white epic that Hypergeek called “a very strong debut issue” and Comic Related said was “almost cinematic in style”. Featuring 47 pages of story and a cover gallery.
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Arthur: The Legend Continues is copyright Cosmic Times.
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