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Making of Souled – Issue 01
Cosmic Times invites you to go behind the scenes of their new science-fiction mini-series Souled.

On the edge of known space, the crew of the freighter Another Man’s Trash uncovers a secret that could redefine the differences between life and death. Set against the background of corporate corruption on a galactic scale, Souled tells an exciting and thought provoking tale of heroics and explores the depths of human darkness.

This behind the scenes preview book shows much of the concept art used to create the world of Souled and offers insight into what it takes to create a comic. Featuring more than 60 illustrations and an interview with the series writer/creator Christopher Faulkner “The Making of Souled” pulls back the curtain on this five-issue mini-series debuting early 2011.

“In these times those who have the money spin the worlds the way they want. This is the universe of Souled”
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Souled is copyright Christopher Faulkner.
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