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Saint Chaos #01
eR Studios is proud to present SAINT CHAOS from writer NOAH DORSEY (co-creator of Image’s NON HUMANS) and illustrator ZSOMBOR HUSZKA (R.E.M.). ?Simon Monroe is way over living.?His girlfriend caught a bad case of herpes after cheating on him. He was kicked out of college and was fired from his job after a competitive co-worker spiked his coffee with cocaine. And then his cat commits suicide. When things seemed that they couldn’t get any worse his mother is murdered during a botched B and E. He’s ready to check out, but he just doesn’t have the guts to do it. Then his wish is granted… Sort of. A psychopathic killer kidnaps him at a local park with the intention of torturing and killing him. This madman calls himself Honeycomb. But when Honeycomb discovers Simon’s suffering he decides to do something different. He tells Simon that in four days he will murder him. Simon won’t know when, where, or how, but he will come up with the most despicable way possible for him to die. Simon - without fear now that his death day is set - begins to help all the desperate people that the city ignores. He goes on a bender and boldly inflicts his own chaotic resolutions to crime with raw violence. Saint Chaos is born.
MDC Price: $1.99
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