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Breakdown #02
It is a world much like our own - and a world in the throes of great change, shaken by the appearance of individuals that are more than human. The first of these new humans was Jeff Carey-who decided to use his abilities for the betterment of mankind. Because of this choice, his family was taken from him, murdered by his enemies. Now, he's been reborn as a figure of darkness and revenge. Now, he is trapped inside a maximum security prison with an army of killers - many of whom he put there. Or are they trapped inside with HIM? Be there for the shocking climax - and learn his true objective in storming the prison single-handed! Plus: How did he get his powers in the first place? Special notes: Written by fan-favorite Chuck Dixon (Punisher, Robin, El Cazador) and drawn by Dave Ross (Daredevil, Batgirl), Breakdown is the tale of a hero's fall-and rise.
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Breakdown is trademark Devil's Due Publishing, Inc.
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