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The Devil's Own #0
Issue #0: "The Long Divorce"--Left with little choice after a ferocious female demon burns down his home as a demonstration of her abilities, Pedro Felsenstein agrees to take on the strangest clients of his career. Claudia and Dominic Hechs have called forth the demoness to show Mr. Felsenstein what he'll be getting himself into should he agree to facilitate their divorce. He passes the test, but the demoness isn't as easily bottled as she was conjured. This is clearly the beginning of real trouble in the life of Pedro Felsenstein.

Praise for issue 0:

“A very cool and effective zero issue. It goes out there and does what it needs to.”—Decapitated Dan, From the Tomb Magazine

“The story here … is interesting enough from the outset that you are quickly drawn into [it]. Beardsley's black and white art is expressive and yet had a touch of cartoon to the strokes that really fits a title which will obviously take on horror with a healthy dose of humour.”—Calvin Daniels, Cal’s Comic Corner
MDC Price: $0.99
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Story and text copyright © 2009 by Pete Mesling. Art copyright © 2009 by Brian Beardsley.
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