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Englishman #1
Englishman has appeared on television, national newspapers and magazines, and now the first issue of his comic book series is finally here!

It is an England of the near future: extinct greenbelt... burgeoning population.... rampant political correctness... fervid religious movements... super-surveillance...
And Englishman agrees with it all. He is, after all, the patriotic 'English' enforcer for the 'British' government - but will anything make him stop and question if he's backing the right team?

If he doesn't have enough on his plate, legendary English characters are stirring in the background.

In a typically eccentric English experiment, the first issue of Englishman is an all-new format: a "Script Comic". Combining the best of comic books, illustrated prose, stage play scripts, and cinematic visuals, Eco Comics hopes to bring a fresh new dimension to storytelling.

The gritty, subversive script by Chris Bunting is complimented by the sophisticated and edgy artwork of Valentin Ramon.

What's also remarkable is that this issue is FREE!

Englishman #1 is paperless-exclusive: a digital comic book from award-winning 'green' publisher, ECO COMICS!
Join us online: http://blog.mohawkmedia.co.uk
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