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Motorist vs Bocas #02
The Epic conclusion

Bocas/Motorist 2

Bocas is a violent no-holds barred vigilante who kills his prey. There is no escaping this urban boogeyman that has made the city his home, and his terror is known throughout the world. Motorist, a former police officer turned vigilante, has taken a much softer approach in dealing with the criminal element. He has recently come onto the scent of Bocas who has left a trail of bodies in his wake, and only the Motorist believes he can stop this unstoppable killing machine. Meanwhile in this issue, the hunt for Bocas has led the Motorist smack dabbed in the middle of an all out war with both Bocas and the unstable Luke de la Vega. Who will win?
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Motorist, Bocas and related characters are copyright either Billy J Champion of Champ Comics Inc. or Jacob Estrada of Estrad Media Publishings.
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