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Bridgeton Nights #01 (Mature)
Welcome to the world of Bridgeton Nights!

The city is on the verge of falling into the pits of hell. This small city has fallen on hard times, crime runs rampant, and the people die brutally. Those who don’t die slowly become so ill that they wish they were dead.

The city was founded by Richard Hancock who built the first sawmill, and he made it his life work to ensure that it would grow to the city it has become. Once a bustling city with industry and riches that had the surrounding cities in envy, all that remains now is sickness. This sickness is like a cancer that consumes the citizens from the inside out. Find out the city’s shocking origins, learn about the twisted becomings, and its ultimate fate in the near future.

On the hardened streets roams a killer who has an appetite for fresh young girls willing to have their photo taken. Are these young girls willing to do anything to appease this man? Furthermore, witness the introduction of Johnny Scorched as he rises from his dream state and reenters the world as a lean predator under the guidance of the urban bogeyman known as Bocas.

If you like horror, crime noir, and action thrillers, then this book is for you. This is the first full color Estrada Media production, and it is written and illustrated by Jake Estrada.

The book has over 40 pages of original, drawn content, and covers a large spectrum of themes within the City of Bridgeton. This is the new cornerstone of Estrada Media world, and we do hope you enjoy your stay!!
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Bridgeton Nights is trademark and copyright Jacob J. Estrada.
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